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Top 10 Fitness Tips

by Tina Pruchyaputtra, MS, CSCS, CES
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1) Start simple. Setting realistic and achievable goals will help you develop healthy lifelong habits and ensure long-term success.  Even a daily goal of a 20 minute cardio session is a great start!

2) Getting healthy doesn't necessarily mean you have to live at the gym. 
Pick activities you enjoy.  Indoor rec and outdoor sports are fun, interactive ways to rev up that metabolism!

3) Always start your workout with a proper warm-up.  
Getting your muscles ready for activity not only reduces your risk for injury, but will also help you focus for the workout.  This is what's called getting into the "training zone"!

4) Grab a friend and sign up for an organized race or sporting event.
5K's, bike rides, or open swims are great short-term goals to have your sights set on.  These are fun events that you and your friend can push one another through and keep that motivation going while you train for the event!  Plus, these events are generally charitable causes, so you can feel good both physically and about your contribution!

5) Targeting large muscle groups helps stimulate a faster metabolism.
Even if your "trouble spot" is your midsection, doing 1,000 crunches each day will not help that fat disappear from your stomach! Instead, a full body workout that involves your legs and upper body muscles will increase the calories you burn in a day and over time, which in turn, will burn more fat.  

6) Listen to your body.
Rest days are just as important as the days you exercise.  An important guideline to follow would be to not have more than 2 rest days in a row without some type of exercise.

7) Planning ahead always makes getting to your workout so much easier. 
Pack your workout gear the night before so that it is easily accessible the next morning.  Eventually, this habit will become a normal part of your daily routine.  

8) Create an upbeat and energizing music playlist!
Listening to good tunes always keeps the motivation up during those cardio days!

9) Keep a workout log.
It's a great way to track your progress of all the exercise you're doing and feel accomplished throughout your workout journey! Before you know it, 3, 6, 9, then 12 months will have gone by and you will get to witness your transformation from when you started!

10) Consistency is the key
to unlocking your TRU potential, so when you have those days where you don't feel like exercising (and you will), GO ANYWAY! Not only will your body thank you, but you will feel more accomplished and better about yourself afterwards!  

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Training Approved


1. Fruit smoothie

2. Protein shakes

3. Greek yogurt

4. Whole grain crackers

5. Cheese

6. Raw veggies & hummus

7. Almonds

8. Apples

9. Peanut butter

10. Cottage cheese

11. Snack size protein bar

12. String cheese

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Top 10 ways to:

Burn Extra Calories

1. Park your car in the furthest parking spot
2. Walking lunges down a hallway
3. Take the stairs, not the elevator or escalator 
4. Don't send your kids to get the mail, you get it!
5. Jog your dog, don't walk your dog
6. Push mow your lawn
7. Do core exercises during commercials while watching television
8. Walk to lunch, don't drive
9. If you sit at a desk all day, stand up and do stretches every hour
10. Play with your kids, don't just watch them! 

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