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What is Functional Training?
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Today's fast paced society has taken a toll on our personal health. People are overworked, carry more stress, and spend less time being physically active. As a result, our bodies become deconditioned and imbalanced. When the body has muscular imbalances, it creates improper movement patterns which can eventually lead to joint dysfunction. Functional Training, is the methodology behind TFPT's approach. Functional Training re-educates your body's muscular subsystems to work together by combining several muscle group movements. Many of these movements simulate daily living activities or specific sports. No matter what your goal is: to lose weight, gain muscle strength, rehabilitate old injuries, enhance sports performances, or improve overall health, functional training encompasses all of these. Clients can expect to see improvements in flexibility, strength, power, and core stability as they learn the proper biomechanics of moving in multiple movement planes. The results are better muscular balance and joint stability, that dramatically decreases your risk of injuries during sports and everyday physical tasks. TFPT's goal is to help your body unlock it's full functional potential.  
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"Before Tina entered my life, I was at my heaviest weighing 350 pounds, and as of today I am 189 pounds!" Read more.


"She (Tina) helped me to get into the best shape of my life!"
Read more.


"... I thought I was at my limit, Brian had a way of helping me realize I was capable of more."
Read more.



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